Gareth Starkey

User Experience & Conversion Optimisation

Personal Summary

A degree educated User Experience (UX) & Conversion Optimisation (CRO) Manager with over six years experience working within multi-channel retail and cross-device e-commerce. Using qualitative and quantitative research methods to understand issues and highlight opportunities within the customer journey and to provide user centric design solutions, which are validated through analytics and A/B & multivariate testing. An imaginative, innovative and creative thinker loaded with ideas and the skill set to bring these to fruition. A reliable worker with experience of working with responsibility, timescales and pressure, with attention to detail.

Gareth StarkeyCurriculum Vitae

Knowledge & Experience

Conversion Optimisation

Knowledge, experience and proven results in improving conversion and key metrics through A/B & Multivariate testing.

Website Analytics

Expertise in the Google Analytics and the fundamentals of understanding quantitative data and metrics.

User Experience

An understanding of the importance of qualitative research methods and how to incorporate these into the workflow.

Responsive UI / UX Design

Previously working as a web designer a with strong skill set in UX/UI & Graphic Design with reponsive and app principles.

E-commerce & Retail

Over 5 years experience working within retail and E-Commerce for both design, user experience and conversion optimisation.

HTML & CSS Development

HTML & CSS development skills for both protoyping solutions to enhance and demonstrate design as well as CRO testing builds.

Personal Skills & Tools

Key Skills

Wireframes & Design Process
HTML & CSS Development
A/B & Multivariate Testing
User Testing & Insights
Reporting & Documentation


Creative Approach
Analytical Mindset
Time Management


Sketch & Adobe XD
Google Analytics & Optimize
Adobe Creative Suite

  • Career History - Aug 2017 - Present

    UX & CRO Manager - Claire's

    To use quantitative analytics and qualitative user research methods to understand the issues and opportunity within the user journey and to ideate, design and deliver solutions which provide a best in class user experience.

    To use A/B and multivariate testing for conversion optimisation to validate these ideas and also to validate development releases and new functionality.

    To analyse the data and provide reasoning and understanding and context behind testing results. To deliver detailed and measured documentation for all testing and UX improvements. To analyse the data and provide reasoning.

  • Career History - Dec 2015 - Jul 2017

    UX Designer - Next

    To design innovative concepts for all new project based initiatives, which represent and enhance the Next brand; designing the “look and feel” across a range of desktop, mobile sites and apps. 

    Day to day responsibilities include project research, problem solving and interface design using a user centered, iterative design approach. As well as the design of new & original creative concepts and user journeys.

    Skills include communicating ideas and design concepts through sketching, wireframing and the development of prototypes. Designing pixel-perfect projects to Improve both the customer journey and key metrics.

  • Career History - Oct 2012 - Sep 2015

    Web Designer - The Fragrance Shop

    To create and build compelling responsive website and email designs for The Fragrance Shop and partner companies and work with internal and external developers to manage these designs from conception to completion. 

    Use various quantitive and qualitative methods for usability monitoring, analytics and also results from A/B & Multivariate testing to ensure the websites were both user centric and also in-line with business goals and metrics.

    To provide knowledge to the wider team through ongoing research into industry trends and best practices and ensure the multi-channel offering of the business was considered throughout all projects.

Gareth StarkeySome things I've penned...

Blogs & Articles


    Data For Design

    My thoughts on using data for design and why it's so important. Essentially this article is what I do and why I do it.


    Oasis Product Listings

    Oasis, like an Oasis in the desert that is the internet. How the retailer has compliled an almost perfect PDP.


    Building The Perfect PDP

    Get your hard hat on... Here's how you can start to construct the perfect product page. Ditch that current template!

Gareth StarkeySome tests I've cooked up...

Conversion Optimisation

Yearly Reviews


    2018 Review

    A review of the testing wins on the Claire's website throughout 2018. See case studies for detail.


    2019 Review

    A review of the testing wins on the Claire's website throughout 2019. See case studies for detail.


    2020 So Far...

    A review of the testing wins on the Claire's website throughout 2020. More added as year progresses.

Conversion Optimisation

Case Studies


    Mobile Search

    How we pinned the mobile search bar open on scroll to encourage use and drive both conversion and order value.


    Product Recommendations

    How moving the product recommendations higher up the page increased interaction and drove conversion and basket size.


    Email Promo Promt

    How reinforcing and automatically applying discounts for VIP users can improve the experience and the key metrics.


    Phone Case Finder

    How changing the way key, conversion driving filters look can drive use and in term see a performance improvement.


    Paid Channel Recommendations

    How changing the way users through Google Shopping interact with product recommendations can improve their journey..


    Product Page Layout

    How improving the layout, order and design of the product page can not only improve conversion but also order value.


    Bag Finder Tool

    How simplifying the use of and combining two filters than lead to conversion improved metrics for the bags category.


    Birthday Gift Finder

    How implementing finder tools for a key journey on our site to improve filter use improved the Birthday gifts of many Claire's girls!


    Cart Redesign

    How we validated the design and functionality of a new cart page pre-release and to aid the design process as we progressed.


    Checkout Validation

    How ensuring error messaging is improved during the checkout process is vital to helping customer understand issues and convert.


    Checkout Payment Step

    How carrying over addresses and simplifying the payment step of checkout is a key driver to ensuring users complete their orders.


    Checkout Delivery Step

    How simplifying the delivery step and utilising postcode lookup and carrying known details over can reduce issues and improve conversion.


    Checkout Design Styling

    How improved design standard and following key principles plays a key role in improving conversion and checkout completion.


    Social Proof

    How reinforcing the value message through utilising social proof can provide confidence and encourage users to purchase.


    PLP Stock Callouts

    How calling out the stock level when products are low can help users to not miss out on products they are interested in buying.

Gareth StarkeySome designs I've created...

UX / UI Design


    Claire's Checkout Redesign

    The redesign of the Claire's checkout process from start to finish based upon UX & CRO. A complete UX/UI overhaul.


    Claire's Cart Page

    How testing helped us understand and improve the Claire's Cart Page, one of the most complex points in the funnel.


    Product Listings Redesign

    How and why we redesigned the Claire's PLP's. Margin gains and wholscale changes combine with a powerful result.


    Next's Sofa Finder

    A new mobile first concept based upon face to face user testing for an online sofa builder for the m. Next website.


    Fragrance Shop Responsive Redesign

    A full responsive redesign project for The Fragrance Shop of the entire user journey and all key touchpoints for a more mobile focus.


    Claire's Category Pages

    Introduction of key category landing pages for L1 navigation items across the Claire's website to improve navigation and path.

Gareth StarkeySome research I've mapped out...

User Experience


    Scoring & Benchmarks

    The benchmarks used to track UX progress on the Claire's website. How we track we're improving the user experience.


    Product Attribute Filters

    How to improve the experience of narrowing product results down into something manageable and findable for users.


    Checkout Monitoring

    Using UX tools for CRO ideation, bug fixing, redesign guidance and why it's so important to work closely with and monitor users.

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